Who Is Jesus Title

Who Is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? Examining the seven ‘I AM’ statements of Jesus in the book of John 

  • He was a good man.  
  • He was a great leader.  
  • He was a spiritual guide/teacher.
  • He was a prophet.
  • He was a revolutionary.  

These are just a few answers that people have given over the years when asked, “Who is Jesus?” Jesus asked his disciples this very question in Matthew 16. How would you answer the question?

In 1860, John Duncan, a Scottish preacher argued, “Christ either deceived mankind by conscious fraud,” or “He was Himself deluded and self-deceived,” or “He was Divine.”  Then in 1936, Watchman Nee made a similar argument in his book, Normal Christian Faith.  He suggested that Jesus is either a madman, a liar, or He is God. Then in 1952 C.S. Lewis in his famous book Mere Christianity fine-tuned that statement even more concisely when He gave us the three-fold, “Lunatic, Liar, or Lord” option.  And yet there is still vast disagreement amongst mankind about who Jesus really is.

Now through Easter we will look closely at the seven “I AM” statements by Jesus found in John’s gospel.  We will also look at other scriptures that testify who Jesus was, is and will forever be.