Joining CBC

How do I Join?

Requirements for membership are four-fold.

  1. A born again experience.
  2. Baptism by immersion (of same practice and faith).
  3. Attendance at one of the “Pastor’s Discovery Class” dinners.
  4. Be in agreement with our membership covenant.

You can make application with one of our pastors or ministry leaders at the end of each morning worship service or set up an appointment with one of our pastors or ministry leaders throughout the week.  You can call the church office to set up an appointment.  After you have filled out the paper work and met with one of our pastors or ministry leaders, we will set up a time to introduce you to the church publically.  We believe in every member coming through the front door.  This will give the church an opportunity to get to know you and it will give you an opportunity to make a public profession of your faith to the Lord. Just because you have attended the Pastor’s Discovery Class, you are not automatically a member of Central.   If you have any questions, please ask.

Pastor Scott leads a Sunday morning small group during the Bible Study hour (9:30am) to help introduce those new to Central to all the different class options and help you find a small group that “fits”.  We invite and encourage you to visit a few different Sunday School classes to find one you can call your own.

How do I get involved

First and foremost, we encourage you to come to our worship services and small groups.  There you will develop relationships and learn the direction and heartbeat of the Central family.

As far as having a leadership role or to be on one of our ministry teams, we reserve that for the members of Central.  After joining, please don’t wait for the nominating committee or someone to ask you to join a ministry.  We are developing many of our ministries to have an open enrollment so people can join a ministry any time they feel led to be a part of it.  Pray about it and don’t be afraid to ask.

Our Pastors and Ministry leaders are here and available to help equip the saints to do the work of ministry.  Read the bulletin and newsletters to see the opportunities that are available.  From time to time we will announce needs from the pulpit. And of course, if all else fails, and we hope it doesn’t, set up an appointment with one of our staff to get more information about what the needs are within our fellowship.  And this doesn’t have to be the last thing you do.  It could be the first.

Don’t be afraid to test drive certain ministries and don’t be afraid to try something you have never tried before.  Trying and failing is not really failing.  God blesses the willing heart and the heart that is seeking to serve Him.  If you discover that Central is not for you, then we encourage you to find a church where you can serve the Lord through your gifts and talents.

However, if Central is the church where God has called you to (and we hope it is) then we invite you to take the next step after going through Discovery Class 101: Discovering Church Membership.  We have designed a second class entitled, Class 201:  Discovering “Being Centered.” This is a class that deals with Christian maturity – how a person grows in his or her faith.  After completing this class we encourage you to go through Class 301: Discovering “Being Connected.”  This class lays out the purpose of our small groups and how we desire the small groups to fulfill our purpose.  Then we have Class 401 : Discovering “ Being Committed.” This final class helps you to discover your own personal ministry and mission within the body of Christ here at Central.  These classes are available all throughout the year and you must attend the classes in order.