Central Academy

Central Academy FAQs
REGISTRATION & COST (Registration is now closed)
o Who can attend Central Academy?
▪ Due to limited space, Central Academy is offered to church members, Sunday school members, and employees of Central Baptist Church on a first-come, first-served basis.
o If school starts back up but then closes again, will Central Academy resume?
▪ If this occurs, we will discuss resuming Central Academy as a staff and keep you informed.

o How early can I drop off my kid(s)?
▪ You can drop off your child no earlier than 30 minutes before your child’s instruction begins and pick them up no later than 30 minutes after instruction ends.
o Where will I drop off/pick up my child?
▪ K-5th grade students will enter and exit at the South entrance. 6th – 12th grade students will enter and exit at the Southeast (senior adult) entrance.

o Can my kids attend on days I don’t work?
▪ No, Central Academy is specifically designed to provide a supervised place for students to complete their schoolwork while their parents are at work.
o Do my kids have to attend all five days?
▪ No, each week you will sign your child up only for the days they need to attend the following week.
o Do I need to notify you if my kid(s) will be absent?
▪ Yes, please call the church office at 918-272-3376 if your child will be absent on a day we are expecting them to be attending Central Academy.

o Will kids be provided a lunch or should they bring their own?
▪ Children will need to bring their own lunch.
o My child takes medication during the day; will you administer it?
▪ We will administer meds if it is imperative that a child have them at a specific time. We request that you medicate at home, if possible.
o Will the kids be grouped by age?
▪ Children will be grouped in separate Elementary, Junior High, and High School rooms.
o Will the kids have recess/downtime?
▪ Yes, we have age-appropriate downtime activities for your child.

o How many children will be in a room?
▪ A maximum of 24 elementary students will be in Fellowship Hall. A maximum of 25 Jr High and High School students will be in the Senior Adult Wing Rooms.

o What will my child(ren) need to bring?
▪ A laptop or tablet that can connect to their online classroom and any materials suggested or provided by their teachers to complete their assignments. (*Please put your child’s name on everything.)

o Will Central Academy follow the OPS calendar for days off/holidays?
▪ Yes.
o How can I contact Central Academy (during the school day and after hours)?
▪ You may call the church office at 918-272-3376.

o What are the duties of a volunteer?
▪ Volunteers will help children log into their classes, monitor children to make sure they are accomplishing their work, and assist with understanding assignments.
o I can’t volunteer but would like to help out in some way. What can I do?
▪ Donations are welcome to help cover the cost of utilities and PPE, which will increase. Please indicate “Central Academy” when giving.
o I want to volunteer but can’t help five days a week. Can I still volunteer?
▪ Yes, please let us know when you are available and we will add you to our schedule!

o I would like to volunteer but have preschool-aged children. How can I help?
▪ We appreciate your willingness to help, but we won’t have a place to supervise your
o I have strengths in a particular school subject; how can I contribute?
▪ Please contact us and let us know when you will be available to help!

COVID-19 Concerns
o Will you be screening the children when they arrive each morning?
▪ We will take temperatures upon arrival. We ask that you keep your child at home if they exhibit any signs of illness or fever.
o How will you practice social distancing?
▪ Students will be spaced apart from one another and tables will have dividers to provide protection and privacy.
o What cleaning and disinfecting procedures will take place?
▪ We have a paid custodian that will be cleaning and disinfecting each afternoon when school ends.
o Will the parents be notified if someone at Central Academy tests positive for COVID?
▪ Yes, although no personal information will be disclosed about the student, facilitator, or volunteer that tests positive.
o If my child is sent home with a fever, when can they return?
▪ They can return the following school week, if it has been 24 hours since they last ran a fever (without any medication).
o Should a parent notify Central Academy if their child or someone in their family tests positive for COVID-19?
▪ We would appreciate it if we are notified so we can keep track if there is an outbreak.

Central Academy is a safe, monitored facility for working families with K-12 Students in Owasso Public Schools to allow students a place to complete their daily classwork during “Pivot To Home”.

Applications are closed. Parents will be contacted shortly.