Missions at Central

Sharing the Gospel “Here, there and everywhere”

Budgeted Yearly Missions Giving

Gifts given above the budget annually

Central Missions Partners

Pregnancy Resource Center of Owasso

The Pregnancy Resource Center of Owasso is a nonprofit Christian organization that is working to save lives through helping young mothers.  If you are looking to do something on a more personal level, go online to prcowasso.org or call Brenda Raleigh at 918-272-6888 to find out about volunteer opportunities.  Each January we celebrate Sanctity of Life Sunday with a Baby Bottle fundraiser where we try to fill as many baby bottles as we can to benefit PRCO.

Benevolence Ministry & Offering

Thank you Central for your continued support of our Benevolence Ministry.  Through your generous gifts we are able to help local families with their utilities, their rent or a combination as well as providing nonperishable food items for those in need.  Partnering with the Ministerial Alliance of Owasso, Mission:Owasso and Owasso Community Resources we help hundreds of families keep their utilities on and from being evicted from their homes.  Please consider how you can be a part of this ministry through service or giving.

Special Missions Offerings

We support these special offerings (Annie Armstrong: Easter Offering for North American Missions, Edna McMillian: Oklahoma Missions, Lottie Moon: International Missions) throughout the year that help support missionaries.  Thank you Central for your generous giving toward supporting our missionaries around the world.  100% of these offering will go directly to support a missionary family.  Of course you do not have to wait until a designated month to support one of these offerings.  Just designate it on your envelope and the money will be sent monthly to support our missionaries worldwide.

Hospitality House

We also partner with the “Hospitality House of Tulsa”, a Christian faith-based organization that desires to serve all families in need during a medical crisis regardless of religious preference or background.  We believe that true Biblical hospitality, Hakhnasat-orhim in the Hebrew, and PhiloXenia in the Greek, is practiced by God’s people toward everyone as they pass through a community in need of lodging and food. Our vision is to show the world Christian Love through Boundless Hospitality.  

The Spring

We also partner with the “The Spring”, a Christian faith-based organization. The Spring is Oklahoma’s first faith-based certified shelter for domestic violence victims and the first shelter of its kind in the state for adult survivors of human sexual trafficking. Our mission is to provide physical, emotional, Christ-like care to enable women and their children to live God-honoring lives. 

Missional Response Teams

Central is serious about reaching the community of Owasso with the gospel message.  Many times that means more than inviting people to our church.  We have created Missional Response Teams (MRT) with individuals that have different missional values based on Ephesians 4:11-12.  For more information contact Matt Flindt in the church office.

How do you get involved in Missions at Central?

The moment you join you already are involved.  Every member at Central partners with millions of other believers all around the world who also call themselves Southern Baptists.

Through our tithes and offerings, prayers, and participation, we also partner with every New Testament church that believes in the Bible and the Great Commission.

There are many opportunities to get involved with the American or World mission teams at Central throughout the year. Whether you join us to volunteer at the Tulsa Hospitality House or board a plane to go overseas with one of our missions teams to share Christ.